Keeping your work force healthy - helping professionals cope with stress & anxiety
High School

Cope with anxiety & stress

Engaging, interactive workshop series with live participation through Zoom. Includes nine (9) 45-minute sessions with additional time for Q&A at the end of each session.
Every session provides social-emotional wellness tools to combat stress, anxiety, uncertainty & fear.

toolkit for transitioning
self discovery
situational leadership
time management
abc's of communication
goal setting the smart way

Hands-on, action-based

Chamber Leadership Academy (CLA), our youth Chamber program, takes our personal development programming to the next level by partnering with local chambers of commerce, area municipalities, elected officials, and business leaders to turn a city into a classroom. We interlace the experiences and perspectives of community leaders into our curriculum and set it against the backdrop of the host city.

Program Participants

What do our students say about ELA?

“The ELA virtual Wellness Series on the importance of work/life balance was thought provoking; so much so that I found myself discussing new tools learned with family and friends. The Wellness Series has allowed me the opportunity to set aside time for introspection and reflection and I find myself very peaceful when finished.”

Diane Smith
ORG Portfolio Management

“The ELA virtual Wellness Workshop series caused me to reflect in ways that I didn’t know I needed to and helped me reach a better understanding of myself.”

Tammy Balog
ORG Portfolio Management

"After participating in Club Lead my experience as a leader has become more apparent. (Recently) one of my friends asked me for help on a problem, so I obliged and started to make a study partnership with her. Then, one by one, more students asked to pitch in and before I knew it we had a huge study group that I was leading! It felt so good to help others and I hope to do it more often!"

Club LEAD 2015

"Coming into Club Lead, I was not sure what to expect. In general, I’m an introvert and usually quiet around unfamiliar people and situations. This program has helped me to open up and become more confident in myself. Now that the eight weeks are over, I will not forget the skills I have learned. It will have an everlasting effect on the rest of my life."

Club LEAD 2014

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the core concepts of the program?

This program series focuses on providing time for you and your team members to focus on self-care. Each program introduces concepts around a key self-care topic so that participants can gain a variety of tools/skills to try out so that they can discover what works well for them.

How long is the series?

The series is composed of 9, 1-hour sessions for programs facilitated live through Zoom or 9, 30-minute recordings that can be accessed anytime online.

Who is this series geared toward?

The Wellness Series is geared toward anyone 16 years and up.

What is the limit for group size?

For access to the pre-recorded series, there is no group size limit. For online programming that is run live, by an ELA facilitator, programs are capped at 495 people.

What is the cost?

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